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Volkswagen Citi golf
Stolen Vehicle
Colour White
Year 2007
Date Stolen 2024-02-09
Province Eastern Cape
Subaru Tribeca b9
Stolen Vehicle
Colour Gold
Year 2007
Date Stolen 2024-01-30
Province Gauteng
Volkswagen Polo vivo 1.4 co
Stolen Vehicle
Colour Blue
Year 2019
Date Stolen 2023-12-31
Province Gauteng
Volkswagen VW 240 POLO VIVO
Stolen Vehicle
Colour Charcoal
Year 2015
Date Stolen 2024-01-05
Province Kwazulu Natal

Stolen Vehicles

Vehicle theft is a major problem in South Africa. According to 2020 statistics, 46921 vehicles where stolen in South Africa. This is 129 vehicles a day!

The idea behind this system is to create a single source of all cars, trucks and motorcycles that has been stolen in South Africa.

People looking at buying a second hand vehicle can quickly and easily perform a search to see if the vehicle they are interested in is listed as stolen.

If the search returns a positive result, meaning the vehicle is listed as stolen, a quick message can be sent to the original owner notifying them of the location of the vehicle.

The system also automatically scans selected Twitter accounts for information on stolen vehicles and adds that to the BOLO section.

You have the option to sign up to receive email alerts whenever a new entry is added, or you could join the @stolenvehicles Telegram channel to receiver alerts. This is a great service for all security companies.

Make sure your stolen car, motorcycle or truck is listed here and that you are properly informed when buying!

Stolen Vehicles Telegram Bot

Bot name: @stolenvehicles_bot

If you own a Telegram channel or group where you post vehicle lookouts, add our bot to your channel or group and it will automatically forward the vehicle lookouts that are posted to the Stolen Vehicles database.

To do a lookup in our system of a VIN, engine or license plate number, simply start a private chat with the bot. All you need to do is to type in either VIN, engine or license plate number.

If the bot finds a result in the database, you will receive a response with all the details of the vehicle.

Click here to find out how to use our Telegram bot.