What is this website about? Lets explain...

Here you can quickly and easily find out if the vehicle you are looking at buying is stolen or not. If your vehicle was stolen recently you can add it onto the website and help build a database of all stolen vehicles, enabling others to be able to quickly determine whether the purchase they are about to make is worth it or not.


Open information! We like to share!

It will be completely free to search for information on this website and viewing the dashboard information. We provide this for free in order to try and help the maximum number of people possible. Initially, it will also be completely free to submit information about stolen vehicles here, but this will change to a small fee later on. Dont worry, it wont be much.


How is information obtained? From you.

All the information on this website is provided by the public and we peform basic checks to try and ensure that no fake information is added. You have to realize that even if the vehicle is NOT listed here, it does not mean that it is NOT stolen.


Can it help me? Definitely!

If someone stole your vehicle, first open a case at your local police station, and then come back to this site and load the information as quickly as possible. The sooner it appears here, the better chance you have that someone else might find it. When another person comes across your vehicle, they will be able to contact your through this website to let you know that they have found it!


This is amazing! Why, thank you!

This is just the start! We have some big plans for this website and will work hard to improve the site every day making it easier for people to list stolen vehicles and for others to find them. Please tell everyone you know about this website. The more people make use of it, the better!