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South Africa went on full lock-down on the 27th of March 2020, meaning people were meant to stay at home and the SAPS and SANDF were out patrolling the streets to ensure that people follow the lock-down regulations.

This caused a massive drop in criminal activities, since criminals were probably unsure of where the SAPS and SANDF will be patrolling and that there would be a big chance that any vehicles found on the roads would be stopped in roadblocks.

We normally add about 130 - 150 stole...

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When we created the first version of this system, the idea was that once a person's car, motorcycle or truck was stolen, that they would go to the police station, open a case and with the case number in hand, go onto this website, register an account and then add the details of the vehicle. Once added, anyone else visiting this site would see the details and it would also pop up if someone does a search.

That is still the case today, however we needed to find a way to get info out quicker on...

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The idea behind the website came about when we were looking at buying a second hand car and I was wondering how to go about checking whether it is stolen or not.

Back then, I heard about some websites were you could pay around a R100 to get a report. In the greater scheme of things, paying R100 to do such a check for a car with a value far higher is actually not to bad.

The other option was to go to the nearest police station and ask them if they can check their records if this particular ...